Language Experiment II. HID


We are doing a linguistic research in question answering. We study how people resolve "elliptic questions" as shown in the following dialog example:

Jim: "Who was the president of the United states in 2013?"
Jim asked the full question.
Larissa: "Barack Obama"
Larissa gave an answer
Jim: "And in 1992?"
This is an elliptic question. Jim omitted most of the words because it was clear that they had been talking about pre president of the US and he wanted to see what the situation was like back in 1992.
Equals to: "Who was the president of the United states in 1992?"
This is the actual meaning (the resolution) of the elliptic question.

We need your help to gather natural examples of resolutions of elliptic questions. Be natural, do not use (copy) the same pattern as in the provided examples.

For a given question, an answer, and a follow-up elliptic question you'll be supposed to come up with a full question that corresponds to the follow-up question. Think of it as an assignment in a grammar text book. Please don't overthink it, it's really easy. We kinda guess it's easy money :-).

You'll be filling forms such as this one:

Question: Who was the president of the United states in 2013?
Answer: Barack Obama
Category: Politics
Elliptic question: What shape was his office?
Reformulate as a full question:
Then we'll show you a code you will copy to the MTurk HID page.

OK, let's get started